During each week of the class you are asked to watch various video lectures and read the assigned chapter of the book preparing for the workshops. At the beginning of each workshop meeting, we will start off with a 10 minute Questions & Answers session about this week’s topics.

Then there will be an online computerized quiz which will be taken in class. The quizzes are open book, open notes, and even open access to the internet. However no communications between students are tollerated. The quizzes last 11 – 15 minutes each. Each quiz consists of 4 – 5 questions. The questions are rather difficult multiple choice, multiple answer, matching, and open calculation format. So you should have enough time to answer the questions well if you have kept up with the weekly assignments. Students receive immediate feedback about their quiz score, but the actual answers to the quiz questions will be posted at the end of the week after both IM61 and IM62 classes have completed their quizzes.

    Please note, that there are a multitude of questions on each quiz. Each student is only given a subset of the total number of questions. This is designed to help avoid cheating on the exam. Thus not all students have the exact same questions on each quiz.

By clicking on the tabs below, you can review the topics for each week’s quizzes. To see your own quiz answers, please see instructions on how to do this on the Discussion board.

Answers to Quizzes