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Welcome to the IBMS eMarketing Strategy Flipped Classroom


Welcome to the online website supporting Fontys University’s International Business & Management Studies 3rd year undergraduate course about eMarketing Strategy. The course is taught using flipped classroom methods. All lectures for this course are pre-recorded and offered only online for student viewing. Students meet weekly in smaller workshop settings (~ 20 students) to work on 10 different individually assigned eMarketing strategy cases. During these workshops students exchange ideas, challenge proposed strategies, and brainstorm solutions to the cases. Learning takes place by listening to critical feedback and ideas from peers. Each week, students are expected to follow the video lectures, keep pace reading Ardath Albee’s B2B eMarketing Strategy book, and carrying out the necessary research and homework assignments to develop an eMarketing Strategy plan step by step. Assessment of students takes place via recorded video presentations of their strategy and 6 weekly inclass online computerized quizzes.


I urge you explore the rest of the webpages supporting the flipped classroom in a timely manner. Naturally I welcome student’s comments and suggestions for improvements to this course.  Lastly I’m greatful to my assistant Deniz Emre Arin who has spent many hours setting up and building this website.  Without him there would be no flipped classroom experience possible.



George Szanto
Tenured Lecturer
eMarketing IBMS